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Percentage of all cash sales - Single family homes

Fewer All Cash Sales for Single Family Homes

Are cash sales in SF on the rise, on the decrease, or holding steady? While we were out on tour last week, this discussion item popped up based on some observations at a recent sales meeting: Which led us to do some digging in the MLS (but not that kind of digging) to see what the […]

Additional view of Dolores street looking north

Where’s the Inventory?

We aren’t the first (or the last) Realtors to wonder how this year will shape up in terms of inventory. Here are a few random thoughts about the current market and our lack of inventory we had while touring homes yesterday.

Post-wedding paperwork, Part II

A few days ago I wrote about adding a new spouse to the title of your home after getting married, and a reader commented that he wondered if the tax benefits provided to same-sex registered domestic partners would be the same as the benefits for married partners. I’ve done some research into the and will […]

Post-wedding paperwork

Say you own a home by yourself. Then, OKCupid or or your sister or your roommate or your personal trainer hooks you up on a date that turns out really well, and time passes, and you get married. Yay! Congratulations to you and yours. (Shameless plug for happiness: I just got married at the […]

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What Is A Bubble?

We’ve seen some rather substantial (staggering, s*****, ?) sales prices reported lately, which led to a conversation in the car today during a property tour: The answer, of course, depends upon who you ask: From How to Detect a Market Bubble by Gavyn Davies in the Financial Times on January 17, 2014: Bubbles trigger fierce controversy among financial […]