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Page 1 of a California Transfer Disclosure Statement

What You Should Know About the Transfer Disclosure Statement

The transfer disclosure statement is one of the most important – if not the most important – document you will review in a disclosure package. While there are a variety of formats for a transfer disclosure statement (affectionately known in industry jargon as the TDS), they all serve one purpose: to help the seller explain […]

Bogey at play

Will you help us find a new home for RubyDee & Bogey?

Meet RubyDee & Bogey – two wonderful cats that are looking for one new home (ideally). Take a look at their adorable pictures and try not to fall in love with their big personalities! But most of all, help us find an awesome new home for these two awesome cats! RubyDee is the proverbial “lap cat.” […]

A sample cover page from a San Francisco disclosure package.

What’s in a Typical San Francisco Disclosure Package?

At some point during the home buying process in San Francisco, you’ll most likely find a home that you like a lot. As in, you like it so much you could see yourself living there! In San Francisco, in strong seller’s markets, most of our property disclosures are provided to buyers prior to their submission […]


300 Ivy Welcomes Ground Floor Shops

The commercial/retail spaces at 300 Ivy in Hayes Valley are transforming into bustling bursts of retail activity! Above the 63 homes of 300 Ivy are three retail/commercial spaces. Two of them are already occupied, with the corner location currently empty as of this writing (August 2014). The restaurant space is home to Monsieur Benjamin by James-Beard-award-winning Chef Corey […]

Jackson Cherry

Say My Name! (with SF Street Signs)

I have to admit that I’ve been burning up with jealously lately. Why? I can sum it up with a quick picture: The street sign at the intersection of Visitacion and Britton is located in Visitacion Valley (no surprise there, right?) and the street sign at the intersection of Jackson and Cherry is located in Presidio […]


Climate Change and SF Housing

A tip of the hat to the fine folks at The Verge for their catch of a Washington Post article about how climate change is affecting homes in Chicago. It finally motivated me to get some thoughts down on paper about climate change in SF. This summer I’ve been watching the Years of Living Dangerously on […]


Freeways Ruin Neighborhoods

Once upon a time, urban planning meant destroying neighborhoods and replacing them with freeways. If you don’t believe me, do some googling and you can find the plans for a central freeway in SF that would have gone through Golden Gate Park! I don’t know the story of the 101 or much about the construction […]