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Climate Change and SF Housing

A tip of the hat to the fine folks at The Verge for their catch of a Washington Post article about how climate change is affecting homes in Chicago. It finally motivated me to get some thoughts down on paper about climate change in SF. This summer I’ve been watching the Years of Living Dangerously on […]


Freeways Ruin Neighborhoods

Once upon a time, urban planning meant destroying neighborhoods and replacing them with freeways. If you don’t believe me, do some googling and you can find the plans for a central freeway in SF that would have gone through Golden Gate Park! I don’t know the story of the 101 or much about the construction […]

Windows along Market St from Zephyr's new flagship office space

Zephyr Announces new Flagship Office

Hopefully by now it’s no secret that Zephyr is our brokerage of record. Both Britton and I have been there since Day 1 of our respective real estate careers, and we have no intentions of going anywhere in the near future. We started at at our SOMA office (which is no more, don’t blame us) […]


San Francisco Street Signs: Before and After

Years ago we wrote about the new font for San Francisco street signs. Since that time, I’ve been looking for an intersection where there were street signs with identical street names but one set of signs used our older font (THE ONE THAT YELLS AT YOU) and the other set of signs used the newer […]

One of the many great rooms at 785 Oak St.

Listings we Love: 785 Oak St.

Our colleagues, Matthew Goulden and Leah Tracy, just recently listed this beautiful Victorian home in Hayes Valley at 785 Oak St. @ Steiner. You can find additional information at the property specific website for 785 Oak St. as well. If you are a buyer currently looking for your Realtor as well as your next home, […]


Food, Food, Food Poverty, McDonald’s

This last week found us talking about food a lot during broker’s tour. Which probably isn’t that different from most broker’s tours we go on, but this time we caught a few of our thoughts on video: We saw a condo in the Bayview for some clients, and our trip to and from the Bayview […]

I didn't read it...

The SF Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Bay to Breakers was yesterday, which means that thousands of San Franciscans are just finally waking up, or have been spending the past few hours at the office with one hell of a sunburn and/or a hangover… What else has been happening across San Francisco? Let’s jump to the SF neighborhood blog roundup:   Over on […]