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An Underground Storage Tank Disclosure Form used in San Francisco

Underground Storage Tanks: What you Need to Know

The Underground Storage Tank Disclosure is a general disclosure document that contains background information explaining what an Underground Storage Tank (UST) is, and why you want to be aware of if the property you are considering purchasing might have a UST. // This post is a part of our series: Your Guide to a San Francisco […]

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Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics

Unless you know about the data behind the data, most SF real estate charts probably doesn’t mean what you think they do. For example: Is a condo or a single family home in San Francisco more expensive? We love data! We wrote a neighborhood by neighborhood guide to 2013 sales prices, crunched the numbers to compare MLS […]

A shrine to Robin Williams at the front door of the Mrs. Doubtfire home

Robin Williams & The Mrs. Doubtfire House

The surprising and saddening news of Robin Williams’ suicide earlier this week has reverberated through the bay area. Robin Williams lived in the north bay, and was often spotted in San Francisco. SFGate had an article yesterday about the Mrs. Doubtfire home and how it has become a sort of shrine over the past several […]

SF 3R Report

What You Should Know About the SF 3R Report

The 3R report is issued by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection (DBI) and provides a building permit history for a San Francisco property. It is a required disclosure for almost every purchase/sale transaction in San Francisco, with the exception of brand new construction, in which case the CFC (certificate of final completion/certificate of […]

Signage on Divisadero

Good BBQ in NOPA

I love BBQ – and finding good BBQ in San Francisco is a surprising challenge. The latest contender is 4505 BBQ & Burgers (or Burgers and BBQ, depending on your priorities) which is along the Divisadero Corridor @ Grove, an area that is becoming the Divisadero Dining Destination (NOPA & Bi-Rite are both nearby,  not to mention Popeye’s […]

AVID - Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure Form

What you Need to Know About: Agent’s Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)

As one of my favorite brokers once joked, an agent visual inspection disclosure (AVID) is a visual inspection that an agent can do in heels. The point being that both individual sales agents in a transaction (the listing agent represent the seller and the selling agent representing the buyer. If it is dual agency, both individuals […]