The SF Neighborhood Blog Roundup

Bay to Breakers was yesterday, which means that thousands of San Franciscans are just finally waking up, or have been spending the past few hours at the office with one hell of a sunburn and/or a hangover… What else has been happening across San Francisco? Let’s jump to the SF neighborhood blog roundup:

I didn’t read it… but I would like to know why.


  • Over on the Richmond SF blog there’s a post from last week’s police newsletter. If you’ve ever wondered which SF police district has responsibility for patrolling Golden Gate Park, you’ll find your answer right here.
  • Over at Bernalwood, there’s a look at some empty lots that the owner has been attempting to develop since… 1979. Which gives an entirely new meaning to Not In My Back Yard – and I’m not sure what’s more impressive: the neighborhood resistance for for 30+ years, or the developer’s tenacity for 30+ years. But regardless of who impresses you the most, this is why homes are more expensive in San Francisco than almost any place else.
  • D10 Watch gives a shout out to the Newcomb Model Block project. Which makes us want to immediately hop in the hybrid and go take pictures. But before we do, here’s what it is, “As one of the City’s first green street projects, the Newcomb Model Block project was designed by neighbors and the city working together to make the streets and sidewalks safer and cleaner while improving the environment. The project was funded by a grant from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since construction was completed in 2011, the EPA has funded a study to better understand how the Newcomb Model Block project is improving the environment by reducing storm water runoff. This study has helped the City better understand how to design storm water infrastructure that beautifies the streetscape.”
  • Courtesy of the Noe Valley watch blog, 456 27th St. goes before the planning commission. The neighbors in a 6-unit building aren’t too happy with the proposed development because they will be losing views or losing light and views, depending on who you ask… The existing house sold in 2012 and it was… quirky… to say the least. Hopefully we won’t still be debating this development 30 years from now….

Happy Monday everyone, get back to work (or at least, get back to pretending to work while you nurse that hungover sun-burn).

Neighborhood News

Happy new year, everyone! While we will be bringing you a ton of 2012 real estate market statistics in the coming days, today I wanted to take a quick detour to the “softer” side of the news, with a look at what the neighborhood blogs have been writing about.


Source: Ocean Beach Bulletin

  • Via the Ocean Beach Bulletin comes news that Tallulah, the matriarch of chimps at the SF Zoo, has died. She was believed to be in her late 50s. She had been at the SF Zoo since 1967, and was believed to be one of the oldest zoo chimps.
  • From the Richmond neighborhood blog, a public information event about changes and planned developments at Lands End’s Eagles Point overlook. The information meeting is this Saturday, January 12 starting at 10am. You can also view the project website for additional information.
  • The first meeting of the Glen Park Association will be 7:00pm on Wednesday, January 16 at the Glen Park Elementary School – 151 Lippard St.
  • From the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association blog comes news about an Alamo Square playgroup, which meets the first Sunday of every month and every Tuesday from 10am – 12pm.
  • The Forest Knolls neighborhood blog has a detailed photo essay about what happens when a water main breaks.
  • Looking for a beautiful hike outside of the city? If so, Blog by the Bay has the details and great pictures on a hike to Cascade Falls in Fairfax, located up north in Marin County.
  • D10 watch has news about a meeting coming up this Saturday, January 12 to talk about the redevelopment of the old Schlage site. The demise of redevelopment agencies last year put some bumps in the road for this project, and the planning department will be holding a meeting to gather community and talk about what is possible now that the assumed public funding has been lost. The meeting is at 401 Tunnel Avenue from 12:00 – 2:00pm.
  • And finally, via the Dogpatch Howler comes news of a new cheese shop in the Dogpatch, La Fromagerie at 2425 3rd St. 

News from the Neighborhood Blogs

What’s up in San Francisco? It depends on who you ask… after being away recently, I realized how bad SF Gate’s city coverage is. If I want to keep up with the interesting news, I’ve got to turn to the blogosphere… so here are a few of the more interesting (to Matt, at least) news items of note:

That’s the news, happy Tuesday!

San Francisco Neighborhood News

In case you haven’t heard, a candidate for US Senator from Missouri believes there is consensual rape (as opposed to, you know, the forcible kind). Also, vaginas are also like the magic sorting hat from Harry Potter and can magically sort rapist sperm from non-rapist sperm, making sure a woman only gets pregnant when she consents. I’m sorry folks, but with US Senate candidates espousing such insanely dangerous beliefts, how exactly did San Francisco end up with a political reputation for crazy? We’ve got nothing on the show me state anymore!

Turning our attention to more local news, let’s look at what the neighborhood blogs have been chattering about:


It could have been yours for a quarter. Source: Andrew from

  • Hayeswire has a reminder that today is the first day of school for SFUSD students. So stop parking in the bus zone. Or expect to pay through the nose for it. In other news, privates and parochials go back to school either this week or next, so prepare yourself for the influx of children and the parents (or caregivers, nannys, family friends, etc.) dropping them off and picking them up each day.
  • And finally, via haighteration comes a recap of the Duboce Park movie night. I’ll sum it up for you: 56 degrees outside and Mrs. Doubtfire.

That’s not all the neighborhood news, but it’s a bit of it. I’m always on the hunt for great neighborhood blogs to follow, be sure to yell at me if I’ve missed yours. That’s what comments are for, after all :-)


Neighborhood Blog Roundup

It’s been a few weeks since I surveyed the neighborhood blogs. So let’s take a moment and see what’s making the news across the neighborhoods.

Lovely flower boxes in The Haight. Photo credit: Matt Fuller, GRI

Lunatic arrested in the Haight. Which you might think note-worthy since usually they don’t seem to get either arrested or the mental services that they most likely are in need or dire one. But what makes this one scary is that the cops found about 5,800 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle (which he had been living in, near-ish to Waller & Stanyan) when they searched it. Via Uppercasing.

If you’ve never seen the goats munching away at the weeds in various San Francisco locations then be sure to check out Portola Planet’s article about what the goats are up to over at the University Mound reservoir. I think it’s pretty cool that we use goats instead of pesticides, I usually see them at Laguna Honda reservoir munching away and they always make me smile.

CCSF Interim Chancellor Dr. Pamila Fisher promises that City College won’t be closing. I haven’t followed the whole city college debacle closely enough to say much more than that. Via Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Larsen Playground used to have a cool jet to play on. Now it doesn’t. And I think you’ll agree with me that is just wrong! Despite having the lowest percentage of kids in any major US city, San Francisco has some of the coolest parks and playgrounds. So join the Friends of Larsen Playground and help bring a jet back! Via People of Parkside/Sunset.

The good folks at Hayeswire have a great rundown on some of the many changes taking place along Gough street in Hayes Valley.

And finally, to round it out – a lovely reflection on the fog by Michaela Byrne. Via the Forest Knolls neighborhood blog.

As always, comments and thoughts appreciated. And if you think I’m overlooking a great neighborhood blog, please let me know about it. You can leave a comment, email or call!

Friday Neighborhood blog roundup

These are Things SF Map

What’s up in San Francisco? Let’s take a tour of the neighborhood blogs to see what’s happening from bay to breakers:

And I’m sure I’ve missed lots more, feel free to remind me of all that I have overlooked in the comments!


Neighborhood News

What’s been up in the nabes? More than any one person could ever keep up with, but here are a few highlights:

Glen Park cleanup next weekend – June 9, 2012

We’re looking forward to partnering with DPW and their staff, equipment, and know-how to continue to clean and green our neighborhood on June 9th. We hope you’ll join your neighbors, Mayor Lee, and Supervisors Campos and Wiener in volunteering at this DPW Community Clean Team event for Districts 8 and 9.

Noe Valley Summerfest is coming up soon – Saturday, June 16, 2012
Hawaiian shave ice, Smitten ice cream tasting, a petting zoo, live music, honey bee demos, a magic show … it can only mean one thing: SummerFEST on 24th Street.

On Saturday June 16 from 11-5 (the day before Father’s Day), 24th Street merchants will be throwing a family event in downtown Noe Valley.

via Noe Valley SF (and yes, Zephyr is a sponsor. Who knew??!)
Burrito Justice has an awesome look at the Miracle Mile, circa 1954… more commonly known these days as Mission St.
D10 Watch highlights some upcoming home ownership workshops being sponsored by Lennar.
From Lennar:


Join one of our FREE Home Ownership Assistance Workshops and start building your future today!

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Lennar Trailers at Hunters Point Shipyard Corner of Donahue St & Galvez Ave

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Bayview Opera House 4705 Third Street, San Francisco

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Bayview Opera House 4705 Third Street, San Francisco


Please contact Chonta Burgess at 415.344.8861 or
Visit our website at

Brought to you by:
Hunters Point Shipyard Homebuyers Assistance Workshop Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment c/o Lennar/BVHP One California Street, 27th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111

The Dogpatch Howler has a fascinating story about trying to track down who in the city is responsible for an old police station that recently suffered approximately $200,000 in fire damage. Long story short: everyone thinks the building belongs to someone else, the city is going to sell it someday, but a lot of paperwork remains to be hurdled between today and the sale!

Joe 1, Fire 0

I’m pretty sure most of you don’t visit this site for fashion or style advice. Or, for your sake at least, I hope you don’t visit for style and fashion advice. Each year when my homosexual license is up for renewal I fail the “current designers” and “fashionable trends” parts of the test, but I have such an extensive collection of Madonna albums and dance mixes that my fashion stupidity doesn’t doom me from tribal exile.

Why should you care? Even though I’m fashion and style challenged, I manage to look decent thanks to a consistently great haircut. Which is why I’m so happy to announce that Joe’s Barbershop in the Castro is re-opening this weekend. They were closed because of a pretty serious fire, but all has been repaired and Joe and his amazing crew of barbers will be back in the shop starting today (but officially tomorrow). So for those of you who are dying to know (but afraid to ask) about where I get my awesome haircut, now you know.

The return of Joe's Barbershop

In addition to being a client of Joe’s, Joe and his partner – the amazingly talented writer DogPoet – are clients of mine.

And if you think buying a house and getting financing in the current market is a challenge, just contemplate purchasing a home when your business is on fire. But we got it done, because that’s how we roll around here. And on what may, or may not be, a related note – Prominent Escrow is the most incompetent and unprofessional escrow company I’ve ever dealt with and I’d urge you to avoid them if at all possible. But I’m not quite ready to put that story into print, so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Anyway, back to the important point: Joe’s Barbershop is back, and starting today (but officially Saturday) you can get an awesome haircut at a neighborhood institution. So stop by, get a great haircut, and give Joe and all the barbers a high-five. They’ve earned it!

Joe’s barbershop is located at 2150 Market St. between Church and Castro, on the north side of the street. Now you really don’t have an excuse not to go!

Get Outside Saturday!

This Saturday has a lot going on outside in San Francisco. The San Francisco Parks Alliance is sponsoring “Love Your Parks Day” which has a ton of awesome events happening throughout the city.

Get out and Love Your Parks!

The following events are already full:

  • Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Habitat and Trail Restoration
  • Visitacion Valley Greenway Native Planting
  • Free Kayaking on the Blue Greenway
  • Mountain Lake Park Clean Up, Planting, and Nature Walk

However, there are still an incredible number of awesome things that you and your family can go do outside this coming Saturday, including:

As if the oppportunity to get out and about, enjoy some of San Francisco’s great open spaces and meet new neighbors and community members wasn’t enough of an incentive, volunteers that sign up in advance will also get a free t-shirt and lunch. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for free t-shirts.

I just asked Siri what our weather for Saturday is like, and even she had to agree it is forecast to be beautiful, with sunny skies and a high of 68 degrees, which sounds like a pretty perfect San Francisco day to me.

One of the (many) things I love about San Francisco is the incredible amount of awesome outdoor spaces and places that sprinkled across our city, from the Presidio on the northern tip to Mclaren Park on the southern end and everything in between. I hope to see you out helping take care of our awesome parks this Saturday!



Stop Reading This and go Outside

Here’s the weekly neighborhood news wrap in a nutshell:

  • The weather is perfect – sunny, forecast for the 70′s through the weekend. Not even Siri would argue with me about how gorgeous our weather is.  So stop reading this blog and go outside and enjoy our weather. Unless, of course, you are reading this at the park on your favorite gadget. In which case you should put said gadget away and enjoy the weather. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.

However, if that isn’t enough news for you, then consider this:

  • Antibiotics for everyone after lab researcher dies, lab shutdown.  (Ocean Beach Bulletin)
  • The de Young has cooler stuff in their basement than you or I ever will. In particular, they found a bunch of old glass negatives. The photos are absolutely awesome and amazing. I only wish the crap I can’t bring myself to throw away was so cool. So thanks, packrat from approximately 100 years ago, for not throwing these out. (deYoung via Richmond SF blog)

The Cliff House, image from deYoung museum blog

  • For those of you with school age children that haven’t already left the city or sent your children to private school, SFUSD announces their new Superintendent, Richard Carranza. Budget cuts apparently require that his photo on the website be taken with a blurry cam. But hey, at least we get a picture. (via Rachel Norton’s blog)
  • They’d normally be the coolest pictures of the week, but the deYoung beats out the awesome historic photos of Midtown Terrace/Forest Knolls, including one which seems to refer to a NIKE weapons site that actually was or was planned to be situated in the middle of San Francisco. (via Forest Knolls)
  • And finally, Bernalwood has cooler pictures on it’s blog of Bernal Heights than you ever will. So don’t even bother trying. (via Bernalwood)

I’m sure I’ve missed 1,000 more cool and interesting things, because that’s just how awesome a city San Francisco is. Have a great weekend!