It happens to all of us, and many would say the mark of a true professional is their ability to make a mistake, admit it, learn it and move on from the experience a better professional. That’s my opinion, at least.

In that spirit, we were recently contacted via email – out of the blue – by someone who received a Zephyr calendar and believed that there was a photographic mistake. This person had received the calendar from another Zephyr agent, but since we’ve been sending it out to our clients and friends, we were curious enough to go investigate.

The picture in question shows up on the January calendar page, and is (suppposed) to be of the Grand Pacheco staircase in the Forest Hills neighborhood. Here’s a snapshot of the calendar page (with a cameo by my thumb):

Grand Pacheco Stairway in the 2012 Zephyr Calendar

Below is a picture of the “real” Grand Pacheco stairway, which is a neighborhood centerpiece and runs between Magellan and Castenada. It is a wide and lovely set of stairs, and in the picture below I am standing at the top of the stairway (Castenada) looking down towards Magellan and one of the main neighborhood vehicular access points. The homes on the hill in the distance are in Forest Hill Extension (aka Laguna Honda).

The "Real" Grand Pacheco Stairway

So what stairs are actually featured in the Zephyr calendar? We did some driving through the neighborhood, and there is a much less grand stairway that runs from Pacheco down to Castenada between the homes at 330 and 334 Pacheco.

Below is a picture that I took when we were out trying to match stairways to calendar photographs:

The "Not Grand" Pacheco Stairway
Location of the "Not Grand" Pacheco Stairway

As you can see, the photos aren’t an exact match, but are pretty darn close. The ivy on the side of 330 Pacheco has been removed, which makes sense since there is an open building permit for a pretty major property renovation.

While we don’t center our marketing around it, we make our share of mistakes, and can completely understand how a photo can get mismatched with a caption, particularly when the team creating the calendar doesn’t spend hours of time each day in the neighborhoods of San Francisco. A tip of the hat to the eagle-eyed calendar recipient who caught the goof…