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The Bernal Heights neighborhood has a reputation for quirky homes, but to many residents it is a beloved location that inspires their fierce defense and praise.

Bernal Heights was sparsely populated until the great quake of 1906. Buildings on the hill escaped the quake relatively unscathed, and it suddenly became a rather popular destination for families and residents seeking some assurance of safety after they watched their beloved city burn to the ground. It was not a particularly affluent district, and many of the houses started as one or two room shacks, with additional rooms being added as necessity demanded and money permitted, which leads to the quirky and “very Bernal” homes for sale that exist today in the ‘hood.

Shopping and dining in the neighborhood is centered around Cortland Avenue, with homes for sale within a short walking distance of this area being a highly desired item. The street is filled with organic food shops, a variety of ethnic restaurants, and lots of funky little shops owned and run by neighborhood residents.

Public transit in the area is primarily via muni buses, although residents on the Northwest corner of the hill are within walking distance of the 24th street BART station or the Glen Park BART station. Commuters to Silicon Valley love the neighborhood for its convenient access to the I-280 freeway.

Homes for sale on the west side of the neighborhood will often have great views of Twin Peaks, while homes on the east side are known for having views of the San Francisco bay (although homes on the east side can also get a heavy amount of freeway noise from the 101).

There are numerous parks in the neighborhood, and even some hidden slides, with Precita Park on the north slope being one of the neighborhood favorites. The area also has a reputation for being a very dog-friendly area, so if you are looking for a pooch-centered community, this might be your perfect neighborhood.

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