Potrero Hill

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Potrero Hill is part of District 9 on a San Francisco MLS map, and has a reputation for being one of the sunnier and warmer San Francisco neighborhoods. Neighborhood residents love the neighborhood’s “self-contained” feel, while some potential buyers may be turned-off from it’s “island-in-the-city” feel, particularly given how the 101 freeway and I-280 serve as neighborhood boundaries on the east and west sides of Potrero Hill. In the San Francisco MLS, its neighborhood designation is 9e. Depending on your location on the neighborhood, you may have spectacular bay or downtown views.

Housing Stock/Style:
The Potrero Hill neighborhood is a mix of single family homes, condominiums in large and small buildings, and TICs. Homes are often attached to each other, and are usually situated on 25 feet wide lots. Housing styles range from classic Victorian to modern minimalist. There are several large condominium developments in the neighborhood, including Potrero Mews and The Potrero.

Latte Factor:
Potrero Hill is a neighborhood unto itself, physically seperated on the west by the 101 freeway and the east by the I-280 freeway. There is a good cluster of neighborhood shops along 20th street and also around the intersection of 16th St. and De Haro, with restaurants and additional shops and stores sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. A Whole Foods can be found on the north-west side of the neighborhood.

Transit Options:
Freeway access to both I-280 and the 101 is very convenient, making Potrero popular with Silicon Valley commuters. There are several bus lines that serve the neighborhood, and it is a relatively short walk to parts of Mission Bay or SOMA. There are no muni light rail trains that travel through the neighborhood, but the 3rd street light rail may be a practical walk, depending on your starting location.

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