The Inner Mission

Inner Mission District Single Family Homes for sale:

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With a reputation for the sunniest weather in San Francisco and plenty of happening nightlife spots, the Mission District is popular with many home buyers.

The Mission neighborhood has transformed itself numerous times during its lifespan, and is currently home to a flourishing hispanic and latin population. Long considered an affordable San Francisco neighborhood, gentrification has created neighorhood tensions in the Mission district, most notably at the height of the dot-com boom (peaking around the year 2000).

Sheltered by the fog because of Twin Peaks, you’ll often find citrus and Avocado trees in the backyards of homes, flourishing and creating plenty of fruit to share with your neighbors.

The BART subway system bisects the Mission neighborhood, offering stops at 16th and 24th street, making it a convenient location for downtown and east bay commuters. There are also numerous muni bus lines that serve the Mission District.

Homes for sale in the Mission tend to be multi-family, with single family homes being somewhat rare and usually attached or semi-attached to the neighboring properties. However, from time to time you will find a freestanding home. There are plenty of condos in smaller buildings, frequently in buildings that have been recently converted to condominiums.

The streets of the Mission tend to be mixed use, with residential housing above stores on streets like Mission, Valencia, and South Van Ness. The neighborhood is filled with a wonderfully diverse assortment of restaurants, and you could eat out for several weeks before eating the same style of cuisine. Some home buyers feel that the Mission is still too edgy and “transitional” for their tastes, and the neighborhood can have a dramatically different feel from block to block.

If you aren’t familiar with the neighborhood, it is definitely a smart idea to spend a little time getting familiar with its various parts before deciding if this is the place you want to call home in San Francisco.

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