Clarendon Heights

Clarendon Heights Single Family Homes for sale:

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Clarendon Heights is part of district 5 on a San Francisco MLS map. Located immediately below Twin Peaks and between Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights to the north and Twin Peaks to the south, the Clarendon Heights is known for large homes on often steep lots with phenomenal views from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge, with the downtown skyline as well.

Housing Stock/Style:
Lot sizes in Clarendon Heights tend to be much larger than most San Francisco lots, and because of the steep hills and terrain the lots can also be a little “irregular” in their shape. And by irregular we mean, “not rectangular.” Clarendon Heights consists of detached single family homes, although in some parts of the neighborhood the homes are immediately adjacent to their neighbors. The neighborhood was originally built out starting around the 1950s, so you can find some stunning mid-century homes in Clarendon Heights. The homes in Clarendon Heights tend to be large, with prices starting north of $1,500,000.

Latte Factor:
Do you have a Keuring? A Nespresso? A butler to run out and fetch you a coffee? True to the post WWII-suburbia-is-the-future mindset, there are no shopping stores or commercial areas within the neighborhood. If you want to walk, it will be down the hill to Cole Valley or the Castro. Clarendon Heights assumes you have at least one car, and probably several.

Transit Options:
Clarendon Heights assumes you bought a car before you went house shopping. There are several bus lines within walking distance, but the neighborhood was built when cars ruled the imagination of urban planners.

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