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The Corona Heights neighborhood in San Francisco is a hilly, but popular, neighborhood that many residents consider to be a part of the Castro. We’ve made a quick video if you’ve got 59 seconds to spare:

Geographically, Corona Heights is roughly bounded by Roosevelt to the north, Clayton to the west, Market St. to the south and Castro street to the east.The Corona Heights park and playground is at the geographic center of the neighborhood, and the dog park is especially popular with dog owners and professional dog walkers throughout the city. The Randall Museum is located directly below the Corona Heights park and playground. Homes for sale within a short distance of the park are always popular.

As we’ve mentioned, Corona Heights is a hilly destination, and because of this many of the homes for sale offer breathtaking views of downtown, the San Francisco bay, and the southern hills. The¬†Corona Heights ‘hood is composed of an eclectic mixture of single family homes, condos, tenancies-in-common, and unit buildings,with classic Victorian homes for sale juxtaposed next to minimalist modern construction heavy on glass and metal details. The largest condominium building in the Corona Heights neighborhood was converted from it’s original use as a hospital that you may recall from a Hitchcock movie.

The closest commercial area is a walk down the hill to The Castro, although the Haight Ashbury and Cole Valley neighborhoods are also within walking distance (depending on your definition of walking distance and location within the ‘hood). The neighborhood is traversed by several bus lines, and the Castro and Duboce Park muni stations are also within walking distance – as long as you don’t mind hills!

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