Haight Ashbury

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Known to many locals as The Upper Haight, the Haight Ashbury is part of District 5 on a San Francisco MLS map. Its MLS designation is 5b. Located along the south side of the Panhandle the neighborhood is filled with a mix of classic Victorian homes, plenty of smaller unit buildings, and some medium sized apartments.

Housing Stock/Style:
Eclectic. Most homes are on 25′ wide lots, and touch the adjacent homes. There is a mix of housing styles and sizes from Victorian to Modern, from single family to multi-unit buildings. There are plenty of 3 – 6 unit buildings, some subdivided into condominiums, in the neighborhood.

Latte Factor:
Haight Street is the commercial heart of the neighborhood, filled with coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques that cater to tourists, and plenty of other “only in the Haight” stores. The Haight Ashbury neighborhood is a very walkable area, and the recent addition of a Whole Foods to the neighborhood has been quite popular with area residents.

Transit Options:
There are several bus lines that run through the neighborhood, and the closest N-Judah streetcar is a short walk away in Duboce Park from the eastern side of the neighborhood, while the Cole Valley N-Judah is within walking distance of the western side of the Haight Ashbury neighborhood.

Parks and Playgrounds:
You have numerous options including Golden Gate Park (which begins where Haight Street ends), the Panhandle, and Buena Vista Park. Many of the parks have been updated in recent years, but depending on the day of week and time of day, you may find homeless vagrants loitering in the neighborhood parks.

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