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The Mission Dolores neighborhood, named for the earliest Spanish Mission in San Francisco, isn’t quite the Mission and it isn’t quite the Castro. It has its own unique vibe and attitude, and people love it for its central location, the sunny weather and fantastic people watching.

Dolores Park Source: wikimedia commons

Mission Dolores is defined by Dolores Park, a large park that occupies roughly a city block and is a popular destination. On a sunny day, you’ll find the slopes of the park hills covered with sunbathers while all of the tennis courts will be occupied with active games. Regardless of the weather, though, it is a popular spot with dog walkers and the playground was recently renovated and updated. Dolores Park is also a great spot to snap a picture of the San Francisco downtown skyline.

Homes for sale in Mission Dolores range from condominiums in smaller converted buildings to grand scale single-family residences. One of the most unique homes in the neighborhood is a former church that was converted into living space. Originally on the market for $10,000,000 it has been on and off the market for the past several years before being sold to an independent school with roots in the neighborhood.

The Mission Dolores neighborhood is a very central neighborhood, pedestrian friendly and served by a wealth of public transit options. The neighborhood is also within a short walking distance of numerous restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs and bars, and these days it seems to be a very popular option for the hipster set. Bi-Rite has both a grocery store and ice cream store along 18th street, and the line for ice cream often snakes around the corner onto Dolores Street on a warm and sunny day in the city.

Homes for sale in the neighborhood often go quickly and at a premium compared to surrounding locations, so if Mission Dolores is at the top of your neighborhood list you should be prepared to move quickly when you find the right home.

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