Hayes Valley

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If you’ve got a minute to spare, our video is a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics of homes for sale in this bustling urban neighborhood:

Hayes Valley is the eastern-most part of district 6 in San Francisco. The San Francisco MLS also includes the area immediately to the north of Duboce Park and the Lower Haight as part of the sub-district, areas that many people don’t consider to be a part of “Hayes Valley proper.”

Centrally located, you’ll find that homes for sale in this district offer a central location and are considered by many to be in a dream location because of how friendly this neck of the woods is to people that eschew cars in favor of walking, biking, or public transit (including BART, muni streetcars and several muni bus lines). Like most other San Francisco locales, there is a diverse mix of homes for sale, with condominiums in mid-size buildings being clustered around the area of Franklin and Hayes.

Home to numerous award-winning restaurants, trendy fashion boutiques and quirky neighborhood stores, it is also adjacent to the performing arts district, including the Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Civic Center, the main public library and the Asian Art museum.

The Hayes Valley neighborhood is also traversed by several heavily trafficked streets, including an off-ramp for interstate 101/80 and several major cross-city thoroughfares, including Oak, Fell, Franklin and Gough streets. While these streets do carry significant amounts of traffic, much effort has been focused in recent years (and continues to this day) in remodeling these thoroughfares in ways that make them more pedestrian friendly.

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