Lower Pacific Heights

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Want to learn more about homes for sale in Lower Pacific Heights but don’t want to read any more? If you’ve got 59 seconds to spare, our neighborhood video will give you a good feel for the area and some basic facts about the neighborhood:

Lower Pacific Heights is a San Francisco sub-district that flies underneath the radar of many, as it lacks (although it borrows heavily from) the name-brand cachet of the adjacent Pacific Heights neighborhood. Homes here rarely have a view, but Lower Pacific Heights is home to Japantown and is bordered by the busy Geary street to the south. The Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood has some beautiful homes that are available for a bargain when compared to the prices of similar homes immediately to the north.

Lower Pacific Heights is a relatively sunny neighborhood, and downtown commuters that rely on public transit appreciate the proximity of the 38-Geary muni bus line that is just a short walk for neighborhood dwellers. Pine (to the pacific) and Bush (to the bay) also traverse the neighborhood, offering a good option if you will be relying on your car to get you across town in either direction on a regular basis.

Japantown offers a cluster of authentic (although some are more authentic than others, your mileage may vary) Japanese dining, shopping and cultural experiences, and Fillmore street offers additional options for restaurants, shopping boutiques, and great people-watching opportunities. Whether you are looking for a free-standing Italianate Victorian home or a recently constructed condominium in a mid-size buidling, Lower Pacific Heights offers a widely varied selection of homes for sale.

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