NOPA Condos, Tenancies-in-Common (TICs), Lofts, and Coops for sale:

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NOPA Neighborhood Video:

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NOPA Basics:
NOPA is an acronym that stands for North of Panhandle or North Panhandle, depending on who you ask. It makes sense, then, that the neighborhood begins at the northern edge of the Golden Gate Park panhandle (Fell St.) with Fulton or Turk Street acting as the northern neighborhood boundary. To the west the neighborhood is bounded by Stanyan, while the hip and happening Divisadero corridor serves as the eastern neighborhood boundary.

Housing Stock and Style:
A collection of classic San Francisco Victorians and Edwardian single family homes, as well as condos in smaller buildings from the same era, some unit buildings, and several larger condominium infill projects that have been completed in recent years. NOPA is an eclectic neighborhood, and the housing stock is a great reflection of that.

Latte Factor:
High. Plenty of neighborhood coffee shops, restaurants, and corner markets with walking distance, particularly along the Divisadero corridor. Recent additions along Divisadero include a Bi-Rite grocery store. You can’t swing a hipster in the neighborhood without hitting a trendy new restaurant or boutique. NOPA is a very walkable neighborhood.

Transit Options:
Several Muni bus lines serve the neighborhood, while the Duboce Park Muni station would be the closest muni light rail station. There neighborhood is also popular with commuters to Silicon Valley, who appreciate the proximity to company shuttles that pick-up and drop-off along Divisadero Street.

Learn More:
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