Nob Hill

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Nob Hill Neighborhood Video:

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Nob Hill Neighborhood Basics:

Nob Hill is one of San Francisco’s quintessential neighborhoods. Bordered to the south by California Street, Van Ness to the west, Broadway to the north and Stockton to the east, Nob Hill is home to some of San Francisco’s earliest history. You’ll find Grace Cathedral, The Pacific-Union Club, the Fairmont hotel, and plenty of history in the neighborhood. Chinatown is on the eastern side of the neighborhood.

Housing Style and Stock:

Nob Hill is one of the few San Francisco neighborhoods in which you’ll find a smattering of stock co-ops. Single family homes exist in the neighborhood, but there are probably more condominiums and coops than single family homes. As this was one of San Francisco’s earlier neighborhoods, you’ll find a lot of Victorian and Edwardian homes. Depending on their location, some of the homes have dramatic downtown or San Francisco Bay views.

Latte Factor:

High. There are numerous corner cafes and boutiques scattered throughout the neighborhood. You can get around Nob Hill quite easily without a car.  And while you’re out and about enjoying the neighborhood, be prepared to see plenty of tourists lugging their cameras about. Nob Hill is considered by many to be a destination neighborhood, which is a great thing as long as you’re expecting it.

Transit Options:

Homes for sale in Nob Hill are served by plenty of bus lines. The planned central subway will go through Chinatown at some point in the future, and Chinatown is a part of the Nob Hill neighborhood designation in the San Francisco MLS. It is also just a short walk from downtown, so depending on where your job is, walking isn’t completely out of the option. Cable cars also cross the neighborhood, but given their popularity with visitors, they don’t necessarily make the best transit choice for a daily commute.

Learn More:

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