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Cow Hollow homes for sale are perched between the flats of The Marina and the heights of Pacific Heights.

Believe it or not, cows and dairies once occupied this prime tract of real estate, which is how the neighborhood came to be known as Cow Hollow. While the pastures have long since been developed and the only dairy you’re likely to encounter is the pre-packaged kind at a corner market, the name stuck. The price tag on many Cow Hollow homes for sale don’t suggest a neighborhood with such modest beginnings.

Homes for sale in Cow Hollow enjoy close proximity to the neighborhood shopping district along Union Street. It’s a bustling and busy thoroughfare, with high-end stores that import their clothes from the finest fashion capitals of the globe nestled next to frozen yogurt chain stores, with pretty much everything in between. Some of the city’s best restaurants call Cow Hollow home, and after a long day of shopping or exploring, its hard to beat sitting on an outside patio for some relaxing people watching.

The Presidio, once an army base but now being converted to offices, rental homes, and open space, bounds the neighborhood to the west, so Cow Hollow residents are able to take advantage of the multitude of trails and open spaces within the Presidio.

Cow Hollow housing stock is primarily a mix of Victorian and Edwardian buildings, although there are some art-deco buildings popped in here and there.

Muni trains do not serve the neighborhood, but there are plenty of bus lines for commuters that rely on public transit to get them to and from their jobs. If your commute takes you to the north bay, access to the Golden Gate bridge is very convenient.

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