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Presidio Heights Basics:
Presidio Heights is the western-most portion of District 7, and it’s northern boundary is defined by The Presidio. To the south, it is bounded by California Street. Presidio Street is the eastern boundary. The Presidio Terrace neighborhood is also part of the neighborhood in the San Francisco MLS.

Housing Stock & Style:
Homes in the Presidio Heights neighborhood tend to be large single family homes with substantial lot sizes. That said, there are condominiums and tenancies-in-common tucked into smaller buildings throughout the neighborhood. I am not aware of any Co-ops in the neighborhood, but if you are please drop us a line and we’ll update this page.

Latte Factor:
To the north lies almost boundless recreation opportunities. To the south lies… shopping along California Street. Laurel Village is just a short walk away from most of Presidio Heights, and there are additional shops and restaurants along Presidio Street. You can have your grand-scale luxury home and still be within 3 blocks of a Starbucks and a Peets if your home is Presidio Heights.

Transit Options:
The neighborhood is served by bus lines, with the most frequent lines running along the southern edge of the neighborhood along California Street. Most neighborhood residents have a car, though. Most homes have garages and offer off-street parking.

Presidio Heights Trivia:

  • There was a Zodiac killing in the neighborhood in 1969
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein once called the neighborhood home

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