Forest Knolls

Forest Knolls Single Family Homes for sale:

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Forest Knolls Neighborhood Video:

The View from a Forest Knolls home for sale
The View from a Forest Knolls home for sale

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Forest Knolls Neighborhood Basics:

Forest Knolls is immediately across the street from the Midtown Terrace neighborhood, but was developed several decades later and because of that it has a very different feel. Most of the homes in Forest Knolls were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s, although some lots remained vacant until recently. There is a proposed condominium development on the north side of the neighborhood, but that project has not yet currently broken ground. It is bounded along the southeast side by Clarendon Ave, while Laguna Honda is the western boundary, the UCSF campus and open space areas act as the northern boundary of the neighborhood.

Housing Stock and Style:

The neighborhood consists almost exclusively of single-family homes, although there are some smaller unit buildings, and condominiums or tenancies-in-common in smaller buildings that have been converted. There is a proposed condo project that will most-likely eventually be built, but the neighborhood overwhelmingly consists of single family homes that were built in or after the 1960s.

The neighborhood is built on a very steep hill, so many homes have decks but no backyard. In addition, many of the homes are built on large concrete piers that are anchored into the ground below. The good news is that these homes often have phenomenal views. But if you suffer from vertigo, this probably isn’t the place for you.

Latte Factor:

Low. There is no commercial district within the neighborhood, and getting around is easiest with a car. Almost all homes have a garage, and most homes have two car garages, but if driving isn’t your cup of tea (or coffee), then you probably won’t feel very happy living in Forest Knolls.

Transit Options:

Car! There are some bus lines that serve the neighborhood, but as a general rule, and like many other District 4 (west of Twin Peaks) neighborhoods, Forest Knolls homes assume that you’ve already got a car.

Learn More:

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