St. Francis Wood

St. Francis Wood Single Family Homes for sale:

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St Francis Wood

The west of Twin Peaks “Pacific Heights” – the St. Francis Wood neighborhood was developed beginning in the 1910’s and 1920’s, on land that once belonged to Adolph Sutro. The construction craze at the time St. Francis Wood was developed was for “residential parks” with wide streets, clear neighborhood boundaries, and plenty of green within the neighborhood.

The large lot sizes and fully detached single family homes of the St. Francis Wood neighborhood are in strong contrast to most San Francisco neighborhoods that have homes that are semi-attached on smaller lots, with a mix of single family, condos, and unit buildings.

St. Francis Wood homes aren’t known for their views, but instead for their generous sizes and “family-friendly” neighborhood reputation. That said, depending on where the home is located, it may have a partial or full ocean view, at least on days where the fog has burned off.

For commuters that work downtown, the West Portal muni stop is within walking distance, while commuters headed to Silicon Valley will find that the location provides almost immediate access to I-280.

The largest residential lot can be found in the St. Francis Wood neighborhood. There are also several parks and open spaces within the neighborhood that are for the exclusive use of the neighborhood.

Homes in St. Francis Wood are subject to neighborhood covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that govern property use and property appearance. In addition, neighborhood homes are subject to an annual HOA fee to pay for the communal neighborhood spaces.

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