West Portal

West Portal Single Family Homes for sale:

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Developed by prolific San Francisco builders Fernando Nelson & Sons, the majority of homes in the West Portal neighborhood were built in the 1920s. Homes for sale in the neighborhood are coveted for their classic character coupled with a transit friendly neighborhood on the western side of the city.

West Portal is part of District 4 on a San Francisco MLS map, and is part of the west of twin peaks neighborhoods. Its MLS designation is 4t. Taraval and Kensington streets bound the neighborhood on the north-east side, while Portola and Sloat create the south-east boundary. 19th Ave, jogging back to 15th Ave. along Wawona create the western border.

West Portal Homes

Housing Stock/Style:
Originally it was entirely single family homes, many of which are fully detached. Lots are smaller than adjacent neighborhoods like St. Francis Wood and Forest Hill. There is a condominium complex – The Grove – on the south-west corner of the neighborhood.

Latte Factor:
West Portal Ave. is the commercial heart of the neighborhood with numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and local small businesses.

Transit Options:
The SF Muni train lines K, L, M, and T exit the Twin Peaks tunnel onto West Portal Ave. There are also several bus lines, including the 48 and 17 that provide service to the West Portal station. Access to I-280 via Portola and Junipero Serra is fairly painless, and commuters headed north to Marin county are close to 19th Ave. Developed with the automobile in mind, with most homes having a garage.

Unique things:

  • The muni tunnel that surfaces at the West Portal station was the longest underground streetcar tunnel at the time of its opening in 1918.
  • Arden Wood was built in the 1920s on the south-west side of West Portal by the The First Church of Christ, Scientist as their west coast nursing facility, and it continues under their care to this day.

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