Plan C

Plan C is a moderate San Francisco grassroots organization that works hard at city hall for first-time home buyers in San Francisco. Plan C is one of many organizations working in San Francisco on behalf of homeowners and potential home-buyers, and we’ll feature more information about other groups in the coming weeks.

They recently participated in a “sit-down” between tenants rights organizations, and groups that want to ensure a reasonable supply of housing stock for first time home buyers. They wrote about the process and the results on their website, and I encourage you to take a moment and read about the group and their efforts.

In addition, Plan C authored a study looking at Tenancies-In-Common and the demographics of TIC buyers. Unlike the rhetoric from tenant groups, their study shows that TIC buyers are middle-class buyers who want to stay in the city but are unable to afford traditional home ownership options such as condos or single family homes. I’ve posted their conclusions below, but you should read the entire report.

Plan C TIC Study Conclusions:
• TICs are concentrated in some of San Francisco’s most progressive neighborhoods.
Most TICs lie in D8 (Castro/Noe Valley), D5 (Haight/Western Addition), D9
(Mission/Bernal Heights), and D3 (North Beach, Chinatown and Telegraph Hill).

• By looking at TIC locations and data compiled from the U.S. census, we show that
TICs in San Francisco are being formed primarily in solidly middle class

• The data show striking concentrations of TICs in San Francisco’s gay and lesbian
neighborhoods — suggesting that TIC ownership is an important first step toward
homeownership for the LGBT community.

• TICs, and middle class San Franciscans, are continuing to spread into new middle
income neighborhoods throughout the City.

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