Mission Zoning Battle Looms…

From the SF Examiner

Fights over gentrification are simmering again in the neighborhood where activist groups such as the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project fought luxury lofts during the dot-com boom.

While the rhetoric has calmed down a bit these days, the upcoming rezoning of the Mission promises a surge in development battles.

On Wednesday, the Planning Department unveiled a proposal to rezone the area between Division Street to the north, Cesar Chavez to the south, Potrero Avenue to the east and Guerrero Street to the west.

The proposal is part of the overall rezoning of The City’s eastern neighborhoods, which is expected to be completed next year. With the rezoning, officials hope to allow developers to build thousands of new apartments and condos to address The City’s housing shortfall while retaining vital industrial areas that provide blue-collar jobs.

Planners propose increasing some residential density around Mission and Valencia streets while reserving the industrial area in the northeast section of the neighborhood for factories and warehouses. They also propose creating a buffer zone between industrial and residential areas where small office space, digital media and biotech would be permitted.

The Mission is under particular development pressure because of its rich transit system, underutilized industrial sites and proximity to downtown and Mission Bay, where 30,000 new jobs, many in bioscience, are expected in the coming decades.

I think it is crazy to say that new development is pushing out blue collar manufacturing. As the article notes, that has been happening for decades and has much more to do with a global economy and cheap asian labor than the fact that somebody wants to build 68 houses on an empty lot!!!

Mission Zoning Battle

Mission Merchant’s Association

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