The next election is 270 days away

And the San Francisco Examiner is sizing up the competition that Gavin Newsom might face for the mayor’s race. Well, not really. I don’t really expect Sarah and No Name from Alice 97.3 to run for mayor, but if they did, the Examiner gives them a 1,000,000-1 chance of winning. Dave Morey from KFOG fares a bit better in their hypothetical race at 1,000-1.

What about the real politicos in our midst? Chris Daly? (Please, no, don’t let it happen…) They give him 50-1 odds of unseating the mayor. That ought to keep some folks up at night.

The Examiner is posting a new person each day Monday-Saturday until election day on November 6. So far no one has declared as a candidate, but this is San Francisco, so stay tuned.

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