Infill housing on Octavia Blvd.

Coming soon to an old onramp near you: 239 new units of housing.

From an article in today’s Chronicle, we learn the latest plans for the Octavia Blvd. area: There are four chunks of open land around Octavia Blvd. that are the subject of a competition sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development. The one-acre site at Octavia and Oak, which used to be an onramp to the Central Freeway, would have a landscaped mews in the center and 12 buildings around the perimeter, five stories tall and containing 239 new housing units.

There’s also a pie-shaped piece of land at Octavia and Market, which would see “a six-story-high translucent form that extends the entire block — each unit cloaked in tinted glass fins that serve as sunscreens, pivoting open or shut. Multistory notches in the building would slice apart the cube and create wide courtyards visible from the street.”

And if you’re like me, you’ve wondered what was going to happen with those skinny pieces of land on Octavia between Fell and Oak. Here’s the plan: “The two trickiest sites are 16-foot-wide slivers on the east side of Octavia between Fell and Oak streets. They were awarded to a team that includes Envelope A+D — the architecture firm that won the design competition for Octavia Boulevard sponsored in 2005 by the San Francisco Prize. The look? Imagine a scaffold wrapped in clear glass.”

The whole article is here.

This is unbelievably stupid

I routinely roll my eyes at the shenanigans of our Board of Supervisors, but sometimes I’m absolutely dumbstruck by what they think is a good idea. Leave it to Jake McGoldrick, who is proposing that buildings as small as two units fall under the City’s inclusionary housing rules. The back story: as of now, builders of 10+ unit buildings are required to set aside a certain percentage of units for buyers with moderate income. So, McGoldrick’s plan would force builders of two-unit buildings to sell one of the units at below market rate. Unless I’m doing the math wrong, it appears that the current requirement of 15% inclusionary housing would equal one out of two units in a two-unit building.

Let’s see. At the risk of sounding a bit sarcastic, do you think this might, I don’t know, take away any incentive for small builders to build anything in San Francisco? And this is good policy? Thank heavens for term limits, which will show both McGoldrick and Chris Daly the door within the next four years.

More about McGoldrick’s proposal is on the BeyondChron site. Read it here.

Now selling at The Potrero

I haven’t yet made it to the sales center, but here’s the latest scoop on The Potrero:

Take Part in Our First Release — Prequalify Now!

This February you’re invited to be among the first to call The Potrero home. As part of our interest list, you’re selected for this exclusive offering; a unique opportunity to chose your home from our First Release at The Potrero.

To participate in the First Release, be sure to PRE-QUALIFY now with one of our preferred lenders, Wells Fargo or Countrywide. Upon completion of your pre-qualification, you will be added to our VIP list and a sales associate will contact you to schedule an appointment to purchase your home during the last 2 weeks of February.

Interest in this unique Potrero Hill community has been terrific. To help you make your decision as simple as possible, we’re happy to offer answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying a home at The Potrero:

Q. How do I participate in the First Release beginning February 17th through 28th?

A. In order to participate in the release, you must be pre-qualified by one of our preferred lenders Wells Fargo or Countrywide. You may pre-qualify online at or visit us at our Sales Center. When you have completed your pre-qualification, fax your form to the Sales Center at 415.621.9010 or email to Upon receipt of your pre-qualification, Potrero sales associate will contact you to schedule an appointment to purchase your home. The earlier you pre-qualify, the sooner you will be contacted for an appointment and you will have a better chance of reserving the home of your choice.

Q. Will I need to bring a deposit to my contract appointment?

A. Yes. At the time you sign your purchase agreement for your new home, you will need to provide a 3% deposit of the purchase price of your home.

However, if you choose to personalize your home with optional upgrades, you will need to provide an additional 50% deposit for those upgrades at the time they are selected. You will have a personal Design Center appointment to select these upgrades in Spring 2007.

Q. What is the estimated date of completion for The Potrero?

A. Summer 2007. Your actual move-in date will be determined as the building nears completion.

Q. What if I have further questions?

A. The Potrero sales team, Mark Chow, Dianne Hartnett, Darcy Algeo and Tabatha Petersen are available to assist you daily from 11am to 5pm. Please call 415-621-9000 or visit us at our Sales Center: 444 De Haro at 17th Street, Suite 202 (enter on Rhode Island opposite The Potrero), Also, be sure to visit our website at{{PERIOD}}