Ballot issues shaping up for November

On an 85 degree day in May, it’s tough to think about an election in November. But the Supes have submitted measures that might end up on the November ballot, dealing with issues from Muni (from Peskin) to making sure that any property transfer tax revenue that exceeds projections will be spent on affordable housing (Daly). The Examiner has the details.

And speaking of the November election, it seems Chris Daly is hosting a bit of a soiree for political progressives on June 2nd, possibly to anoint himself or Matt Gonzalez to run against Gavin Newsom. So far there’s no credible competition to unseat the mayor, but the word on the street is that progressives are clamoring for someone to take on the task. No fans of Newsom, the folks at BeyondChron have predicted that either Gonzalez (who has supposed already decided not to run) or Daly (head for the hills!) will rise to the occasion. The prediction is here.