What’s Coming to 17th and Clayton?

It’s a Zephyr related project… and the details are:

Currently being built are four, four-level town homes consisting of approximately 1500-1800 square feet each.

There will be three 3BR/3.5BA and one 3BR/3BA homes – each with two decks, a backyard and parking.

They will have great natural light, high ceilings and superior finishes.

Construction is expected to be completed early 2008; pricing has not yet been determined.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

It's like Christmas in June

Despite promises that Saturday’s Progressive Convention would result in the selection of a “progressive” candidate to face Gavin Newsom in the fall mayoral race, no one has stepped forward to take him on. That’s not why it’s Christmas in June, though. It’s feeling a little December-y because Chris Daly, who put together the convention, has said that no, he won’t run. Actually, it might have been amusing to watch him try to mount a credible city-wide campaign. He’s pretty much a one-note guy (low-income and homeless people trump every other issue facing the city) and when he doesn’t get his way, that one note gets a little shrill.

The election is five months off, and the filing deadline is in August. Last time around, Matt Gonzalez filed 30 minutes before the deadline and came in a close second in the runoff. I have a feeling someone — Art Agnos or Gonzalez, maybe — will jump in and face Newsom. But that’s just a hunch. Any thoughts?