It's like Christmas in June

Despite promises that Saturday’s Progressive Convention would result in the selection of a “progressive” candidate to face Gavin Newsom in the fall mayoral race, no one has stepped forward to take him on. That’s not why it’s Christmas in June, though. It’s feeling a little December-y because Chris Daly, who put together the convention, has said that no, he won’t run. Actually, it might have been amusing to watch him try to mount a credible city-wide campaign. He’s pretty much a one-note guy (low-income and homeless people trump every other issue facing the city) and when he doesn’t get his way, that one note gets a little shrill.

The election is five months off, and the filing deadline is in August. Last time around, Matt Gonzalez filed 30 minutes before the deadline and came in a close second in the runoff. I have a feeling someone — Art Agnos or Gonzalez, maybe — will jump in and face Newsom. But that’s just a hunch. Any thoughts?

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