Don't Feed the Coyotes!

A coyote was found dead in Golden Gate park this morning. It sounds like it was hit by a car.

Yesterday, it was announced that people had been regularly feeding the coyotes in the park that recently attacked dogs.

Never a dull moment, although I must confess I’m kind of bummed that I have never seen the coyotes in the park, especially since I run there on a frequent basis.

Comparison Shopping

I once had a client argue with another resident of his loft building about how safe his neighborhood (Inner Mission) was. As they were arguing this, they were looking out their window and saw a guy riding his bike get attacked and have his bike stolen. I guess that was the end of that argument.

The SF police dept. has a nifty crime mapping feature available. For today’s fun, we’ve compared arrests for drug offenses and vandalism between a 1/2 mile radius at 2nd and Brannan St. (steps from my office door) and 17th at Valencia (the Valencia corridor) for the past 30 days.

The SOMA area – incidents are the little dots (hard to see, I know)

9 total

in comparison with the Valencia corridor

That’s a lot of dots!

83 total!

Neighborhoods often have "reputations" and as you can see, the crimemapper is a handy little tool to compare and contrast locations where you might be considering investing in real estate.