Hayes Valley: Temporary Grown Up Play Spaces

While Hayes Valley has seen a good deal of transformation over the past few years with new housing and the demolition of the Central Freeway, there is still a lot of unused space. Two lots on Octavia are set for a temporary installation known as proxy.

This will take the form of temporary structures that will house retail, restaurant, art gallery, garden and community-based uses that will add richness to the Hayes Valley neighborhood. Envelope Architecture+Design envisions these structures remaining in place for two to three years.

The retail and food businesses will be local SF eateries and vendors placed in 180 square-foot spaces, which can be stand alone or combined into clusters. Also envisioned is a partially-covered outdoor movie theater, open space for courtyard style eating, an “art box” with rotating exhibits, ! and space for other SF-based retail businesses.

It appears that local German restaurant, Suppenkuche is set to take advantage of the innovative space and will open a Biertgarten. Yum! (well, yum if you drink and/or like beer… but I digress)

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