Condos at One Hawthorne, San Francisco

The condos at One Hawthorne in San Francisco were released for sale several months ago, and I toured the building at the time it opened.

One Hawthorne, San Francisco, CA

Described in their marketing as offering “hand-selected materials and thoughtfully edited details meet the eye at every level, beginning with the hewn wood and stone surfaces of the lobby and rising through the warm, artful interiors of each home,” I would have to agree that the One Hawthorne finishes are nicely done and tasteful. Pretty much what you would expect for a building in this location, built at this time, and being sold at this price. It was nice to see that gas cooktops were standard throughout, the only exception being JR 1’s (studios), where city code prohibits a source of gas from being open to the sleeping area (don’t quote me on that, but you get the idea…)

One Hawthorne dues seem a bit high for the amenities (beautiful roof deck, attended lobby, valet parking, gym and outside terrace), particularly when you factor in the valet parking fee. Not to sound petty, but I’m not sure that “three high speed elevators” qualify as an amenity in a high rise building built in 2010, but I guess it was generous of them not to make us all take the stairs.

The clients I’ve taken through so far have been most interested in the two bedroom corner units, some of which have really smart layouts and a nice open feel to them.

Parking is definitely one downside to the building, with a monthly fee for parking and a less than 1:1 ratio (hence the valet parking) – however the location of One Hawthorne is such that hopefully you won’t need a car and are planning on getting most places on train, muni, or foot.

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So there you have it, a quick overview of the condos at One Hawthorne in San Francisco, CA. If you are interested in taking a tour or would like additional information and thoughts about the building, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!

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