Awesome MUNI repair time-lapse video

Via gawker, watch this awesome time lapse video of recent Muni track replacement in Noe Valley at 30th and Church Streets. The video was made by local Noe Valley resident Ken Murphy, who used a modified canon A590 to take a picture approximately every 15 seconds.

Church and 30th St. San Francisco MUNI Construction from Ken Murphy on Vimeo.

Or, how to spend $3 million in just over 12 minutes (actually, about 3 1/2 days).

This is a time-lapse video showing the replacement of the MUNI tracks in front of my house. Demolition began on the evening of Friday, October 8, and work continued around the clock until early in the morning of Tuesday, October 12. The MUNI folks were nice enough to distribute earplugs to those of us in the immediate vicinity.

This was shot using a Canon A590, with CHDK installed (a firmware replacement for Canon cameras that enables all sorts of additional features). An image was captured approximately every 15 seconds.

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