Suburban Sprawl: Satan’s Plan?

Via the infrastructurist, a great collection of articles about suburban sprawl. Even more great reasons to live in a city like San Francisco, even though we have our own set of issues.

Photo via flickr by Mark Strozier

Jeff Speck and Andres Duany, the authors of Suburban Nation, argue that sprawl is a root cause of many problems that America faces, from health to environmental issues. (WashPost)

• Speck also has a blog post and slideshow on the 10 worst things about suburban sprawl. (HuffPost)

• While electric cars are becoming more popular, the number of charging stations needs to be increased so drivers don’t experience “range anxiety.” (NPR)

• An article examines the newly-opened bypass bridge over the Hoover Dam. (Parade)

• A column tries to explain why the cost estimates for some infrastructure projects are so often exceeded. (WSJ)

• Infrastructurist editor Eric Jaffe has a good article/graphic about how Boston’s Post Road helped connect Boston to New York City and shaped New England’s history. (Boston Globe)

• One op-ed writer argues in a column that Gov. Chris Christie was right to stop the ARC tunnel and that the money should be going for New Jersey’s roads. (WSJ)

So gentle readers, take a moment to peruse all these great points of view and do let us know what you think in the comments.

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