909 Tennessee Firehouse Photos

Update 4/29/2011: via socketsite, the property closed escrow this month with the original bidder for $1,310,000. The plan is to re-zone, and hopefully install a restaurant on the ground floor with two residential homes above.

Yesterday was the last scheduled showing of the city owned firehouse at 909 Tennessee, which is being sold off with bids due in just a few weeks (Nov. 23 to be precise).

Here’s a bit of history on the building:

Company History:
1926 – Engine Co. No. 16 relocated from old quarters at 1009 Tennessee Street
1926 – Battalion 10 relocated from Engine Co. No. 48, 798 Wisconsin Street
1926 – November 1st, Battalion 10 relocated to the quarters of Truck Co. No. 11, 315 Duncan Street
1926 – November 1st, Battalion 11 relocated from Engine Co. No. 49, 2155 – 18th Avenue
1961 – May 2nd, Battalion District No. 11 relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No 48, 798 Wisconsin Street.
1970 – July 1st, Engine Co. No. 16, deactivated and placed out of service, budget cuts

City Architect John Reid Jr. designed this two-story brick structure to replace the original 1887 home of 16 Engine that was a block away at 1009 Tennessee Street. A two-story brick firehouse with a cornice brightened with small colored tiles, terra cotta keystones accent the arched dormitory windows and plaques above the doors. Off of Third Street, near the Pier 70 complex, in what is called the “Dogpatch” section of the Potrero District, Engine Company 16 was considered a waterfront company. From the 1880’s through World War II the Potrero Point Pier 70 area was a very active shipbuilding and steel manufacturing district. It became the largest civilian shipyard on the west coast. This firehouse is located on a bigger plot of land owned the City. To the rear of the firehouse on the corner of 3rd and 19th Streets are the former Potrero Police Station and the neighbor Public Health Emergency room. Engine Company No.16 was disbanded on July 1, 1970, due to ordered City budget cuts to the Fire Department. From 1970 to 1976 the firehouse was used by Toy Program. From 1976 to 1992 the house was used as a Museum annex apparatus workshop and collection storage area. Since 1992 the firehouse is being used by the Department for storage.

We met some clients at the property yesterday and took a look at it. Enjoy the photos!


  1. Breanna de Geere says

    Do you still have the photos of 909 Tennessee that you refer to in this blog posting? We are the new owners, and would love to have a copy of, or link to them.

    Breanna & Wayne de Geere

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