New FaceBook Profile Tips & Tricks

You might have thought it was going to be a quiet weekend, but Facebook updated their (your) profile pages over the weekend (apparently newsworthy of a 60 minutes interview. Remember when they used to interview presidents, foreign leaders, b-list celebrities? Oh, how times have changed).  On a vaguely related side note, Facebook is now estimated to be worth around $35 billion. Makes whatever you did in your college dorm seem pretty lame, doesn’t it?

New Profile. Note the "Edit Profile" Text

For those of you’ve who’ve gotten the new facebook profile page, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • It lists your birthday in the new bio box at the top of the page by default. Want to get rid of this? Click on the “Edit Profile” text at the end of your blurb. On the screen that comes up, you can choose to either not show the year in which you were born (so people will know the date) or hide your birthday totally.

    Hide Your Age!
  • The new profile emphasizes pictures. Photos of you (including other people’s photos in which you are tagged in) now show up right below your “allow me to introduce myself in six abbreviated and incomplete sentences bio.” Which would be cool, and could also lead to “photo spam” in which people tag you in photos that you aren’t really in because they want their picture to show up in more profiles. Don’t be a loser and photo spam, okay? Note to facebook: next time you roll out a major overhaul, take a break from your caffeine-fueled coding binges to think how the un-idealistic non-geeks of humanity may abuse your new features.
  • Everything that you used to find in the right column has now been moved and most likely consolidated to somewhere in the left navigation column. Wouldn’t want anything to clutter up those ads on the right, now would we?

Those are a few initial impressions I have of the new facebook profile page. And while you are hard at not-work on the big-blue-book, be sure to give JacksonFuller Real Estate team a like.

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