Millennium Tower Residences (floors 3 – 25)

The Millennium Tower San Francisco offers three different residential luxury living experiences to prospective buyers. These are the San Francisco Millennium City Residences in the 11 story building adjacent to the main tower, the San Francisco Millenium Residences on floors 3 – 25 of the tower (which we are discussing in this post), and the San Francisco Millennium Grand Residences, starting on the 26th floor and going up. Each has its own homeowner’s association, concierge, lobby, and set of default finishes. All have access to the shared building amenities like the owner’s lounge, fitness studios (pilates, yoga, etc. bring your own trainer), salt-water lap pool, fitness center, outdoor decks, kid’s play area, and wine lockers.

The residences offer a variety of floorplans, depending on what floor of the building you are on. I happened to spend a little time in residence 23G , the layout of which is pictured below. The residences on the lower floors of the Millennium tower offer solid plank beech floors in the foyer, kitchen, and living room, white oak studio becker cabinets, polished brown quartzite countertops, Bosch appliances (Q: is the cooktop gas? A: Yes), and a Sub-Zero refrigerator (30″ or 36″) as standard finishes. I’ll be honest with you, the finishes are high-end and lovely but quite frankly strike me as a bit beige, but you might find them to be the dream you’ve always dreamt. (On a side note, how jaded a realtor am I that sub-zero refrigerators and Bosch appliances qualify as beige? Wait, don’t answer that…)

The residence I toured on the 23rd floor wasn’t staged, so I don’t snap any interior photos. Sorry!

Floor Plan for Residence 23G

What did I like about the Residences?
Waving to the chumps at One Rincon Hill. Seriously, the layout makes good sense with the bedrooms nicely separated. Some people want a more formal experience, but if you like open layouts then you’ll appreciate the kitchen/dining/living space arrangement.

On the downside?
As I’ve mentioned, the finishes don’t inspire me. But your mileage may vary.

Overall Impressions?
Of the three residence options at the Millennium Tower, I have the toughest time getting excited about the residences, which isn’t to say that there is anything bad about them. They remind me of a middle child trying to form their own identity when surrounded by two strong siblings. They aren’t the precocious and playful sibling, like their little brother the city residences, nor are they as majestic and imposing as their older sister the grand residences. That said, they are a solid offering in the luxury condo market space. If you love the building, location and amenities but don’t want to shell out the dollars for the grand residences, they are a great option.

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