Bernal Heights Holiday Presents

Today leaves us only 11 shopping days until Christmas (if that’s your December holiday –  Hannukah shoppers, you’re already behind). If you want to avoid mall shopping, might we suggest a new home for your loved one (or yourself)? Today we will take a look at Bernal Heights, and tour a few properties that might just make the perfect holiday gift (although gift wrapping isn’t included).

Stocking Stuffer:
Perched on the northwest slope of Bernal Heights is a sweet little two bedroom one bathroom condo for sale at 24 Coledridge. Clocking in on the wee side at 538 square feet, and without a parking spot, this charmer is listed by Mary Lou Castellanos of Sotheby’s Real Estate for $474,810. It’s been on the market for over a month, with an original price of $499,800. Bank owned, it sold for $490,000 in 2005 after being listed for sale at $459,000. (data source: MLS and tax records). It’s not the cheapest condo or home for sale in Bernal Heights at the moment, but it is pretty cute, and small enough that it just might fit in a stocking.

24 Coledridge, listed by Mary Lou Castellanos, Sotheby's

The Bigish Kahuna
For sale at 29 Cortland is a single family home listed for sale by Kirsten Jaeb of Jaeb Real Estate. Tax records list it at just over 2,000 square feet and the MLS lists it as 2,600 square feet. Sounds smart to bring your own ruler! Consisting of a single family home with a legal guest unit, the home offers a total of five bedrooms and 3.25 bathrooms. Originally for sale at $1,200,000 the after-holiday-sale has already started with the home now for sale at $1,049,000. Tax records list the last market sale as being for $36,000 in 1969! (Data sources are MLS and tax records).

29 Cortland, listed by Kirsten Jaeb, Jaeb Real Estate

If one of these two homes for sale in Bernal Heights doesn’t meet your criteria, don’t fret. As of today, there are a total of 50 properties listed for sale in Bernal Heights. Real estate agents often pull homes for sale off of the MLS right around now, holding them “off-market” for 30 days and then re-entering them in the MLS as a “new” for sale listing so that the days on market (DOM) counter is reset to zero. So don’t be surprised to see the number of active for sale homes in Bernal Heights to plummet in the very near future. While we’d like to think it’s this amazing blog post that sold all of the homes for sale in Bernal, it’s probably just the DOM trick.

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