Three Cool Trivia Tidbits about Bernal Heights

Holiday party season is now in full swing, and you can all to easily find yourself with a bunch of strangers when an uncomfortable silence descends out of nowhere. To help you out of those akward moments,  I thought I’d offer you some San Francisco trivia to help impress your friends (or strangers). These should come in handy the next time you are at a holiday party, cocktails, or stuck in an elevator. Today’s trivia is all about San Francisco’s hipster ‘hood, Bernal Heights.

Bernal Heights Trivia Tidbit #1:
The steepest grade on any muni line is in Bernal Heights. Where? The #67 bus line running on Alabama between Ripley and Esmeralda has a grade of 23.1%! And if you want to confess to riding it for three blocks, just to avoid walking up the steep hill, we’d all understand. Heck, we’ve all probably done it ourselves.

Bernal Heights Trivia Tidbit #2:
306 Mullen is the most expensive single family home to sell in Bernal Heights. Designed by Craig Steely Architecture and listed in late 2007 for $2,295,000 it closed escrow in March of 2008 for $2,150,000. It includes a four car garage, an elevator, and wonderful downtown views. The tax records report the home as having over 4,500 square feet.

Bernal Heights Trivia Tidbit #3:
The largest surviving collection of earthquake cottages can be found in Bernal Heights. According to Jane Cryan, there are at least 21 surviving earthquake cottages in Bernal Heights. Among those that she has identified are: 43 Carver Street, 211 Mullen Avenue, 150 Cortland Avenue, 20 Newman Street, 164 Bocana, and 451 Anderson. Additional unverified earthquake cottages include: 48 Cortland, 509 Ellsworth, and 842 Moultrie. Pictured below is a cottage in Precita Park after the great quake of 1906.

Bernal Heights Earthquake Cottage in Precita Park, Source: SF Public Library

So there you have it, three great trivia facts about Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. Next time you find yourself at a loss for words – regardless of the event – hopefully you’ll be able to remember at least one of these tidbits about Bernal Heights.


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