Top 10 Most Expensive 2010 Sales in San Francisco

Inspired by Ginger Wilcox and my Zephyr Premiere luxury real estate meeting tomorrow morning, I decided to take a look at the 10 most expensive homes sold in San Francisco, as reported in either the San Francisco MLS or the county of San Francisco tax records (provided by Realist). Many high end luxury sales in San Francisco are private transactions that are either never reported in the MLS, or are reported as a “comps only” after the sale has closed, but never actively listed through the multiple listing service.

2600 Pacific Ave.

You won’t be surprised to find that Pacific Heights is home to San Francisco’s most expensive 2010 real estate, and you also won’t be surprised to find that 9 out of 10 of the most expensive sales in 2010 were of single family homes, with one co-op making the list. The most expensive condo to sell in San Francisco (as per tax records or MLS) – which wasn’t expensive enough to make the top 10 list – was at the Infinity. Interestingly, Millennium Tower has had several high end sales, none of which were readily searchable in the tax records…

In descending order, here are the winners for most expensive real estate in 2010:


Rank Address Sales Price Source
1 2600 Pacific 15,500,000 Tax
2 2342 Broadway 13,500,000 Tax/MLS
3 2786 Broadway 12,759,000 Tax
4 3311 Pacific Ave. 11,700,000 Tax
5 2935 Pacific Ave. 11,500,000 Tax/MLS
6 2939 Vallejo 9,500,000 MLS
7 2830 Pacific Ave. 8,350,000 MLS
8 2350 Broadway 7,800,000 MLS
9 2841 Divisadero 7,581,250 MLS
10 2006 Washington #4 7,000,000 MLS

For those of you who are more visually oriented, here is a google map showing the locations of the 10 most expensive homes sold in 2010 in San Francisco (as listed above). For those of you who want to take a walking tour, the good news is that they are all pretty close to each other! (click on the blue placemarkers below for additional information)

View 2010 Most Expensive Sales in SF in a larger map
Featured Image (front page image) via Flickr “Pacific Heights, You Know” by Troy Holden


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