District 2: 2009 vs 2010 Median Price and Price Per Square Foot

If you own a home in the central west part of San Francisco, what kind of year was 2010? Before I go on, I’ll explain that district 2 in San Francisco is made up of the following neighborhoods: Golden Gate Heights, Outer Parkside, Outer Sunset, Parkside, Central Sunset, Inner Sunset, and Inner Parkside. If you are having trouble reading the charts, click on any of them for a larger image.

Golden Gate Heights was the only D2 neighborhood that showed a year over year increase in median price, with all of the other neighborhoods coming in between barely down (-0.7% for the Parkside) and down (-9.4% for the Inner Sunset). On a price per square foot basis, Golden Gate Heights and the Outer Sunset were up while all other D2 neighborhoods were barely down (-1% for the Central Sunset) to down (-11% for the Parkside). The only neighborhood that saw a positive correlation in both price per square foot and median home price was Golden Gate Heights.

The least expensive D2 neighborhood was the Outer Parkside, with a median price of $629,500 while the most expensive was Golden Gate Heights, with a median price of $900,000. If we try and attempt to correct for difference in average size by neighborhood and look at price per square foot (which has other issues, as I’ve discussed), then Golden Gate Heights again clocks in as the most expensive neighborhood with the Parkside (not Outer) coming in as the least expensive neighborhood on a $/Sq.Ft. basis.

What trends stand out to you?

D2 Neighborhood Summary
Median Home Price, District 2
Price per Square Foot, District 2
% Change Price Per Square Foot and Median Price, District 2

All data is from the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service (SFARMLS). These are my feelings about $/Sq.Ft. metrics and the median average.


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