Help Choose the next Zephyr Calendar

Each year Zephyr publishes a calendar with a San Francisco theme. A certain member of the JacksonFuller team plays an important role in the calendar with regard to commas, miscellaneous punctuation, spelling, and stuff like that. And if you’ve read enough of my blog posts, you should be able to fairly easily discern which team member gets asked to help with the proofing :-)

Click to vote for the Zephyr 2012 Calendar Theme


There are three themes you can vote for:

1) Hidden POPOS (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces) – the city requires developers of large commercial buildings to create publicly accessible spaces. They are often tucked away in the most unexpected places, and I always smile when I stumble across one.

2) Forgotten Parks (Little known, hidden, or now gone parks) – although, let’s face it. If you vote for this one, you doom your favorite hidden park to near fame. But at least you can still walk around it and say, “I loved this place before it was hip. Now get out of my no-longer-hidden park and chase the next trend.”

3 – Chutes and Ladders (Stair walks & hidden neighborhood slides) – again, they won’t be hidden after we get our publicity machine on them! But I have a feeling the stair walks will be just as empty as before, because the only time I see people running up stairs in San Francisco is when they’ve paid a boot camp instructor to hound them to do so.

You can also suggest your own theme for the Zephyr 2012 calendar.

I should note: You do not need to have a facebook profile to participate in the poll. I should also note that if you have https security enabled for your facebook session, it will not work properly. Or, at least, it didn’t work for me. But hey, at least we aren’t alone in that.


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