The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal…

The folks at 7×7 have the breakdown of a very “only-in-San-Francisco” marriage proposal.

Image source: 7x7

As you can see from the photo above, it involves a rather large sand design and sunny weather at Ocean Beach. I’m not sure which is more remarkable – the sunny weather at Ocean Beach or the incredible sand design!

I’ve been called many things in my life, but romantic isn’t an adjective that you’ll often find in the same sentence as my name. The first time Brian and I got married I called him from the office and said “Hey, they’re issuing marriage licenses – want to get one?” and a few hours later I was standing in the rotunda of San Francisco city hall marrying my husband who wore his fancy birkenstocks to mark the occasion (thus leading to the joke that I married a lesbian, but I digress…)

After that marriage was invalidated, the second time I called him from the car and said “we can get married again, want to?” and since we (by which I mean Brian) had more than an hour to plan the event, it turned out to be a rather lovely affair in Golden Gate park.

But I digress… for not even the beauty of our second wedding ceremony can compare to the romantic effort that went in to tracking down a particular sand artist, getting a bunch of your friends to help rake the design in the sand, and then having a limo drive you and your newly minted fiance, and a few of your closest friends, to some of the most beautiful vistas in all of the bay area.

But really, as impressive as the sand art is, the clear, sunny, not-windy weather at Ocean Beach is just as equally – if not more so – impressive! Any romantic readers out there care to share their stories of betrothment?



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