Madrone Construction – April 2011

This morning I was out snapping a few more Easter Egg Homes that readers tipped me off to over the weekend. While I was out and about, I decided to head over to Mission Bay and snap some pictures of the Madrone under development by Bosa. I didn’t have the big camera with me, so these are taken with the iPhone 4, some with HDR, and in a few of them you can see the artifacts where the images were overlaid on each other. My apologies. Too much caffeine this morning, I guess! I also stitched together one panorama picture, the juxtaposition of old, new, empty, and under construction is one of the things about Mission Bay right now that really captivates me.

The building was a very active construction site with about five cement trucks lined up waiting to deliver their cargos, which were actively being pumped (injected?) into place.

I’ll try and remember to go back in a few months (hopefully on a sunny day) and snap some more construction photos, so you can get a sense of the speed at which the Madrone is coming together. Mission Bay is a fascinating neighborhood, it reminds me of the outline of a term paper… you can see all the major themes that will one day be present, but most of the actual build out has yet to occur. And as for how the residents on the west side of The Radiance are enjoying the construction, one can only assume that they are among the few who aren’t so thrilled that active development has ramped back up. But hey, at least when the Madrone is done they’ll be looking at a real building instead of a work-in-progress construction site.

I don’t know how Madrone will be priced [update, they are sold out. Learn more about Madrone resales], but it will be interesting to see how resales at The Radiance are impacted by the new competition on the block.

Pricing and floorplans have yet to be announced, but if you’d like us to provide you with this information – or any other about the Madrone – just leave your information below:

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