$3,800,000 – will it sell in Glen Park?

2 Everson is a rather stunning property that recently came to market. It is an amazing single family home located next to a strip of city open space that was built by Nova Designs + Builds. The property is listed by Helena Zaludova of Paragon Real Estate. While I could go on and on about the property and the views, instead I’m just going to encourage you to take a look at the agent’s property website, as it’s very well done and has a very comprehensive set of photos.

2 Everson was listed by Helena Zaludova of Paragon Real Estate

The property is currently listed for an asking price of $3,800,000 – which is $980,000 more expensive than the most expensive house that has ever sold in Glen Park.

According to the records I’ve reviewed, the most expensive home to sell in Glen Park is 147 Laidley St., which sold in May of 2010 for $2,820,000, which was under the asking price of $2,950,000 (originally listed in 2009 for $3,350,000). 147 Laidley St. was a 2009 AIASF Award Recipient, and had approximately 3,200 square feet – which comes out to be about $866/square foot (if you believe in the validity of that metric).

2 Everson is a significantly larger home – approximately 5,000 square feet – on a much larger lot – approximately 10,000 square feet, so on a price per square foot basis it actually comes in under 147 Laidley. That said, at the end of the day if you want the keys to the mansion  you’ll still be handing over almost $1,000,000 more than the next most expensive home in the neighborhood (should you purchase it at the current list price).

And as for the story of how 2 Everson came to be in its current state, those of you that have been paying close attention will remember that it was a short sale that closed last summer for $1,350,000. Someone clearly had a rather busy winter, and it remains to be seen exactly how profitable this past winter will be for the developer. And if you love the neighborhood, but can’t quite swing the mortgage payment, take a look at these other Glen Park homes for sale.

Update: This property has sold and is no longer available. If you’d like information about the sales price, get in touch.

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