New Bakery Opens in Outer Sunset, Neighbors Hire Lawyer to Fight Happy Sidewalk Noises

Ah, the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. Some say bleak, others say foggy, others say “whatever, man, lets just go surf.”

A new bakery/coffee store recently opened up on Noriega between 45th and 46th Ave.

The bakery, wanting only to provide a few outdoor seating spots for their clientele, has applied for a sidewalk seating permit. I believe their request would allow them to seat about 8 – 10 people on the sidewalk area. In true San Francisco fashion, though, an upstairs neighbor is opposed to the permit issuance, and is also allegedly seeking to have them evicted.

Amongst the neighbor’s complaints?

“They wrote a letter saying that the odors from people’s food as they sat four stories below them would waft up and annoy them,” Passman said. “And there might be sounds like laughing that would be disruptive.”

There you have it folks. The smell of tasty food and happy clients has now passed into the land of annoying and disrupting! I have to wonder if the folks that live about the Devil’s Teeth Baking Company are in any way related to the folks that lived above Ike’s on 16th St. in the Castro and spent months trying to get them evicted, only to have Ike’s reopen on the opposite side of the street a few months later.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the bakery yet, and they are closed on Tuesdays when I am normally out touring that neighborhood. Hopefully I will catch them on a Wednesday office tour, or I’l have to make a special trip out, perhaps even on a Sunday morning to try one of their beignets.

If you want to show up to the permit hearing it is currently schedule for June 1 at 9am at the Dept. of Public Works. But whatever you do, don’t laugh. That might just make the neighbors even angrier!

hat tip to Ocean Beach Bulletin for the story…


  1. Vita says

    I am 73 years old and my bedroom is located next to the new bakery. I like the taste of Hilary’s food, but I don’t like the smell in my bedroom. I am ok with people drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes outside, but I am not ok with smoke in my bedroom. All I want is 50 feet non-smoking zone around my windows. I am ok with loud laughing people, but I am not happy that I will hear it in my bedroom. I didn’t hire a lawyer to fight the outside seating because I believe in common sense. Would you be happy with 8-10 outside seating’s just next to your windows 6 days a week from 6:00am to 4:00pm with the possibility of extended hours? Hillary’s bakery is in the heart of residential complex. Let’s keep the residential area clean, and have some peace and quiet as it was before.

  2. John says

    As shocking as it may sound Matt, we enjoy laughter. We also never mentioned even the slightest thing about evicting the bakery.

    Rather our main issue with the bakery is primarily with a vent that the owners installed directly above our apartment, soon after we moved in. It emits excessive noise and vibration which affects my sleep and has began to negatively effect different aspects of my life. The noise starts almost every night around 10:30pm and usually ends in the early afternoon.

    We first were heard the noise when my parents just by chance overheard the vent being tested before bakery opening. Since then we have to deal with this issue. Any additional noise added in the morning after my sleep deprived nights would make this already unbearable situation even worse. Under such circumstances is it not fair that we protest any extra noise being brought on by outside seating ?

    Our family wants nothing more than to be positive members of our beautiful community. So, please feel free to email me at:, I’d be glad to meet or talk with anyone in the neighborhood.

    Thank you,

  3. Matt Fuller, GRI says


    Thanks for your comments. My comments about both laughter and eviction come from a 5/9 Ocean Beach Bulletin post about the bakery, I’ll quote it below:

    From the Ocean Beach Bulletin on 5/9:
    “The bakery’s upstairs neighbors are adamantly opposed to outdoor seating and have not only contested the permit, but have hired a lawyer to try to evict the bakery. A hearing is set for June 1 at 9 am at the Department of Public Works.

    “They wrote a letter saying that the odors from people’s food as they sat four stories below them would waft up and annoy them,? Passman said. “And there might be sounds like laughing that would be disruptive.?

    I’m sorry to hear that the addition of the bakery to your building has been such an unpleasant experience. I hope that you are able to come to some type of agreement/understanding with the bakery owner, who, from what I have heard, has worked hard to be a good neighborhood citizen.

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