SF Streets Get Some New Bling

Nobody likes to show up at a rave with crappy lighting bling, so I’m happy to announce that San Francisco streets are getting a major overhaul of their street lights. The folks at SFPUC have announced that beginning late this year, over 18,000 high-pressure sodium street lights will be replaced with modern, low-power eco-awesome LED lights. While I don’t think the overhaul has much to do with keeping up with cool kids, I think you’d be hard pressed to disagree that by the time this project is done (14 months!) we’ll have the coolest looking nighttime streets in all of California. And while the overhaul won’t be happening for a few more months, the project already has its own youtube video:

Among the reasons cited for replacing the street lights in San Francisco with LED lights are:

– LEDs will improve lighting conditions throughout the City for drivers and pedestrians alike.
– New smart lighting control technology will provide remote monitoring and control of lights.
– LED lights consume 50% less energy on average and are virtually maintenance free for 15-20 years.
– The project will save the City money, create jobs and support local, small businesses.

The construction schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but from the description it sounds like the impact on neighborhood residents and business will be pretty minimal, with no digging required.

One of the benefits being touted of the LED lights is that the new lighting will improve lighting conditions for drivers and pedestrians, so here is hoping that it will indeed make the streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists at night. I’m also curious about how much brighter the lights will be, and if it will lead to complaints from residents near the lights… will the city need to fund a black-out shade installation fund along with the lighting creation fund?

Here’s hoping that they don’t! Article via @ ecogeek.org

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