Impressive Remodel of Victorian Hayes Valley Home

via the Hayes Valley Voice I saw this great article on sfgate about a fire damaged Victorian flat in Hayes Valley that was remodeled in a rather exceptional manner.

The property owner has a background in fashion and style, and when tragedy struck (a fire that started in the building next door did extensive damage to her building, essentially destroying her home and that of her neighbor below) she used the opportunity (and insurance proceeds) to re-imagine the space in a very beautiful and modern way.

jones/haydu website

The architect for the project was jones/haydu – she was actually their first client – and their website has an impressive set of photos for the remodeling magic they performed on the fire damaged Victorian home.

For me, one of the things that really stands out in the remodel is her choice of materials. They are warm, rich, have a sense of texture, and do (IMHO) a phenomenal job of adding warmth and intimacy to the living space. I also admire her decision to reuse fire-damaged wood from her original home, I think it serves as a beautiful way to remember the damage caused by the fire but also a testament to the human spirit and the ability to rebuild and make something beautiful out of a tragic situation.

The fact that the fire did such extensive damage to the original layout also allowed her to pretty much move everything around, particularly putting the bedrooms at the rear of the home (which isn’t often the case with an original layout for a Victorian), and creating an open living space with the kitchen at the front of her home.

This is the first work I’ve seen from the folks at jones/haydu and I have to say that I’m rather impressed with their work on this project, particularly – as I’ve said – the materials and finishes. Well done!


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