Sutro Tower – Hot & Sunny

It’s a beautiful bloody hot day here in San Francisco, which means that it is over 75 degrees. Yes, this is the red zone for us here in San Francisco. You might laugh. Having lived in Michigan, Virginia, and Texas I certainly laughed when I first moved here and people complained about the heat when it was over 75 degrees (fahrenheit, just to be clear for our international readers) and the freezing cold when it was under 45 degrees. I laughed a pompous laugh at these weak weather wimps, certain I would never succumb to their indulgent weather complaining. Fast forward ten years, and I’ve become so acclimated to San Francisco weather that I too believe that anything warmer than 75 or cooler than 45 presents conditions that may cause seriously bodily harm, if not immediate death.

Sutro Tower

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be showing homes to some phenomenal clients, and was able to grab a shot of the mighty Sutro Tower in all of it’s sun-shiney gloriousness. For those of you curious, the shot was taken from the west side of the tower in the Midtown Terrace neighborhood. Don’t ask me which home, though, because I can’t tell you! Well, I suppose I could, but I won’t.

I’m about to be out the door for a broker’s tour on this bright and sunny bloody hot day, but if you have a moment share a comment, link, or story about your favorite San Francisco weather experience. In addition, if you haven’t noticed I’m kind of a fan of Sutro Tower so if you have any other great pictures that you want to share, let me know. Either way, have a great Tuesday and pray keep all of us here in San Francisco in your thoughts as we stoically carry on during this weather emergency. :-)



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