Midtown Terrace on a Foggy Summer Day

For reasons that I cannot yet reveal, I’ve become obsessed with the Midtown Terrace neighborhood. Having made a neighborhood video on a sunny day, I felt it was only fair to also make a video showing what a foggy summer day could be like in Midtown Terrace.


In all fairness to Midtown Terrace, I’m not trying to single it out as some fog-cursed neighborhood. From Midtown Terrace, just head west until you hit the Pacific Ocean and the weather will be about the same. The fog is the fog is the fog, also known as Mother Nature’s Air Conditioner!

This year feels like it has been a particularly foggy summer, and if you are curious about why San Francisco is so foggy in the summer, you can start with this wikipedia primer. Next, hop over to this article that does a good job of explaining the weather dynamics at play.

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