Infographic – MLS Marketing Descriptions

Location, location, location. That’s what real estate is all about, right? Well, to see if that held true in San Francisco I took the marketing remarks for all single family homes currently listed as “active” in the San Francisco MLS. Below is the infographic that shows what words are most common:

(click for large version)

San Francisco MLS marketing text visualized

While it makes sense when you think about it, I was still surprised to see “home” and “room” as the most popular words. Although how else are you going to describe a home or a room without using those words? No surprise for a foodie town like ours, but kitchen was right up at the top, as well as garage, and large (although I’m pretty sure large is relative when compared to suburbia).

Coming in on the infrequent list of words were phrases like “eat-in,” “nice,” and “perfect.” And yes, both “location” and “located” make it in the infographic as medium sized words, although they aren’t as large as the mantra of “location, location, location” would lead one to expect. Apparently the mantra in San Francisco is “room, home, kitchen.”

If you want to see all these words matched up with the right home, be sure to visit our San Francisco home search page. All in all, if this infographic sounds like every MLS listing you’ve ever seen… it is!

Thanks to the awesome tool at Wordle for making this visualization possible.


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