West of Twin Peaks – Home Sizes by Neighborhood

I’m hard at work on my 2011 San Francisco real estate market update, and wanted to share with you this fun visualization of home sizes in the various District 4 neighborhoods (Forest Hill, for example).

(click image for access to interactive graph and data set)

Median Home Size, District 4

For all of the homes that have sold in the first 6 months of the year, this is the median square footage reported. While the median size changes from year to year because the mix/size of homes being sold is continually in flux, I think it gives you a good idea of the relative home sizes in each of the neighborhoods.

St. Francis Wood homes are the largest of them all in district 4, clocking in at a median of 3,000 square feet for the homes that have sold this year. Bring up the rear is Diamond Heights, which has nothing in common with District 4 other than geographic proximity. Most of district 4 consists of neighborhoods that are predominantly single family homes, while Diamond Heights is almost all condominiums (with the exception of a few blocks of classic mid-century homes, including some wonderful Eichler homes). The median size of a Diamond Heights home that has sold this year is 830 square feet, which is almost 4 times smaller than a home in St. Francis Wood!

The data is from the San Francisco MLS, and is visualized with the help of the ManyEyes data visualization tool, available at no charge from the folks at IBM. If you want to play with the data and an interactive chart, simply click on the image above, and you can spend more time with the data in question. Look for plenty more visualizations in the coming weeks as I publish all of the data from the 2011 mid-year real estate report. And if you want your own copy, be sure to sign up using the form over on your right hand side.



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