While the rest of America bakes under a heat-wave, heat-bubble, just-a-theory-named-global-warming the sun, I know it is sometimes hard to have sympathy for those of us in San Francisco complaining about weather that seems eminently reasonable by comparison. While the rest of America stays cool in the summer thanks to air-conditioning, we have the Pacific Ocean which does the job quite nicely (some would say a little too nicely).

When I was out on broker’s tour this past Tuesday, the fog was rolling in over Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture some fun footage of the fog rolling in. While it was sunny from where I shot the video (Parnassus Heights), you can be 100% assured that within an hour or so the fog had completely blotted out the sun. It has been a rather foggy week…

So, for those of you sick and tired of your summer heat and needing a bit of a virtual vacation, I hope you enjoy this quick video of the San Francisco fog.

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